Here are some stones that I carry.  If you can not find what you need, please let me know.  There is a chance that I did not have time to put them online.


Jackplug (for Smartphone)
(Added on Jan 29th 2013)

Moss Crystal Natural Points Beads

(Added on Mar 1st 2013)

Red Jadeite Faceted Round Beads

(Added on May 18th 2012)

MOP Round Beads

(Added on Apr 11th 2012)

Multicolor Vein Agate Faceted Tear Drop Shape Beads

(Added on  Mar 1st 2013)

Synthetic Turquoise With Pyrite Twisted Oval Shape Beads

(Added on Apr 16th 2012)

Ametrine Faceted Oval Beads

(Restocked on Mar 16th 2012)

Rhinestone Rondells

(Added on Apr 17th 2012)

Honey Tiger Eye Round Beads

(Added on  Feb 14th 2012)

Mookaite Asteroid Cut Round Beads

(Added on  Mar 20th 2012)

Morganite Round Beads (II)

(Added on Jul 30th 2012)

Blue Lava Round Beads

Yellow, Green, Lilac & Many Colors!
(Added on Apr 30th 2012)

Rainbow Electroplated Agate Faceted Round Beads

(Restocked on  May 28th 2012)

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