Here is the 13th page of stones I have...

Kiwi Stone

(Added on Jun 1st 2010)

Picture Jasper

(Added on Jan 26th 2008)

Green Aventurine

(Updated on Apr 18 2009)

Crazy Lace

(Added on Jun 13th 2008)

Moss Agate

(Added on Apr 24 2009)

Chinese Lodalite

(Added on May 22 2009)

Red Jasper

(Added on Mar 14th 2008)

Chinese Writing

(Added on Jan 10th 2009)


(Added on Jul 23rd 2008)

Brazilian Opal

(Added on Nov 8th 2008)


(Added on July 3 2009)

Spiderweb Chalcedony

(Added on Jan 26th 2008)

African Opal

(Added on July 13 2009)

Red Aventurine
(Orange Aventurine)

More to come!

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