Here is the 2nd page of stones I have...

Pink Opal

Brazilian Light Amethyst (Lavender Amethyst) Round Beads (II)

Blue Lagoon Agate Faceted Round Beads

Multicolor Vein Agate Faceted Rondells (II)

Cracked Blue Chrysocolla Color Agate Faceted Nuggets

(Added on  Feb 15th 2012)

Chinese Howlite (Multicolor With Matrix) Open Heart Shape Beads

Many Interesting Shapes!

Cultured Akoya Pearl Beads

(Added on Oct 26th 2011)

Dyed Multicolor Crystal Faceted Nuggets (Side Drilled)
(Added on May 16th 2012)

Brown Cobra Agate Faceted Rondells

(Added on Feb 7th 2012)

Antique Look Banded Agate Faceted Round Beads

(Added on Dec 14th 2010)

Blue Chalcedony Rough Nuggets

(Added on Jun 8th 2012)

Multicolor Vein Agate Faceted Round Bracelets

(Added on Feb 21st 2012)
Many Sizes!

Tibetan Style Agate Faceted Barrel Beads (VII)

(Added on Jan 6th 2012)

Cracked Pink Spiderweb Agate Bridge Knife Shape Beads

(Added on Feb 3rd 2012)
Also in Green!

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