Here is the 4th page of stones I have...


(Updated on Dec 20th 2008)
Dark to Light Color!

Pink Agate with Druzzy Quartz Faceted Round Beads

(Added on May 3rd 2011)


(Added on  Jan 21st 2011)

Red Tiger Eye

(Added on Sept 30 2009)

Paua Shell (Abalone) Mussel Shape Beads
(Restocked on Nov 2nd 2011)

Chinese Turquoise Round Beads (A)

(Added on Mar 18th 2011)

Cracked Brown Agate

(Added on Sep 7th 2011)
Many Sizes & Shapes!

Starry Night Designer Round Beads

(Added on Sep 14th 2011)
Many Sizes!

Blue Banded Agate Faceted Nuggets (Rough Skin Cut)

(Added on Dec 15th 2011)
Price Cut-Pink, Purple, Black


(Added on Nov 13th 2009)

Pink 'Sundae' Agate Faceted Flat Nuggets (With Rough Edge)

(Added on Apr 20th 2011)

Blue Black Agate Fat Disc With Flower Carved Double Side Beads

(Added on Sep 6th 2011)
Also in Pink!

Cracked Green Agate

(Added on Sept 19th 2009)

Paua Shell (Abalone) And MOP Rectangle Earrings With 925 Silver Hooks

Many Styles!
(Added on Nov 2nd 2011)

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