Here is the 6th page of stones I have...

Madagascar Agate

(Updated on Feb 7th 2009)


(Added on Apr 21st 2008)

Polished Weathering Stone Round Beads

(Added on Jan 7th 2011)

Chalcedony Color Agate Pyramid Faceted Disc Shape Beads

(Added on Sep 27 2010)

Yellow And Green Agate

(Added on Feb 27th 2008)
Special items-end of page!!

Cracked Orange Carnelian

(Updated on Oct 10th 2008)
New item arrived!!

Blue Weathering Stone Fat Disc Shape Beads

(Restocked on Dec 13th 2011)

Multicolor Vein Agate Faceted Round Beads

(Added on  Sep 24th 2010)

Antique Look Chinese Beads

(Added on Nov 16th 2010)

Botswana Agate
(Updated on Oct 10th 2008)
New Item Added!

Rose Quartz Melt Wave Pebble Shape Beads

(Added on Oct 12th 2010)

Black Red Banded Agate

 (Updated on Jun.17th 2008)

Blue Lace Agate

(Added on Nov 21st 2008)

Rhyolite (Rainforest Jasper)
(Updated on Oct 10th 2008)
Unique Color and Many Shapes!

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