Here is the 8th page of stones I have...

Green Fired Agate Faceted Round Beads

(Added on Aug 5th 2010)

Smokey Quartz

on Jan 23rd 2008)
Many shapes!!

Frosted Light Pink Agate with Druzzy Quartz Opening Round Beads

(Added on Dec 13th 2011)

Black Agate

(Updated on Dec 18th)
Many shapes!!

Purple Agate with Druzzy Quartz Faceted Flat Nuggets

(Added on  Jan 7th 2011)

Rose Chalcedony

(Restocked on Jul 26th 2010)

Fired Agate

(Added on Jan.20th 2008)

Multicolor Tourmaline Nuggets

(Added on Apr 12th 2011)


(Added on May 2nd 2008)

Chevron Amethyst

(Added on  Dec 12th 2009)

Yellow Agate Flat Long Oval Links Shape Beads

(Added on Nov 13th 2009)


(Added on Feb 6th 2012)

Paua Shell

(Added on Mar 4th 2008)

Tiger Eye

(Updated on Feb 20th 2008)

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