Here is the 9th page of stones I have...


(Added on May 2nd 2008)

Dual Quartz

(Added on July 4 2009)

Cracked Agate with Black Matrix
(Added on Dec.10th)

Tiger Iron

(Added on Sept 29th 2009)

Moonstone Faceted Round Beads

(Added on Oct 6th 2009)

Cobra Agate

(Added on Aug 9th 2008)

Snowflake Obsidian

(Added on May 31st 2010)


(Updated on Jan 10th 2008)

Chinese Howlite (turquoise color)

(Added on Apr 1st 2008)

Viper Stone

(Added on June 16th 2009)

Orange Calcite

(Updated on Oct 13th 2009)

Ocean Jasper

Black Agate Big Cross Shape Beads

(Restocked on Jan 29th 2010)


(Added on Mar 14th 2008)

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